12 Twelves

Learning times tables can feel like a chore. Traditional activities such as worksheets and flash cards can be tedious or boring, while more engaging digital alternatives are commonly unproductive for learning.

12 Twelves is an educational app for helping young learners to practice and improve their times tables fluency in a way that is both engaging and productive. The puzzle format is designed to maximise learning productivity without the distractions and inefficiencies of more elaborate gamified options, and the basic problem solving is challenging enough to keep young learners engaged. Puzzles are solved using a combination of multiplication and division, which helps to reinforce the inverse relationship between these operations.

Players can tailor puzzles to their needs by selecting which times tables are included and by choosing from 4 puzzle sizes. Depending on the requirements of their school or district, 12 Twelves can be configured to include multiplication factors 1-10 or 1-12.

Consideration has been given to effective use within a school environment. 12 Twelves includes a history feature that displays a record of the last 100 completed puzzles including date, size and which times tables were included. When 12 Twelves is used as part of a school homework program, students can use this to show their homework to their teacher. From a privacy perspective, no data ever leaves the device.

Other features include a basic achievements system that incentivises regular practice, and light and dark themes.

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